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Organizational Profile

Name of the Organization: TARUN CHETANA

Address: Prithviganj Bazar, Patti
Dist. Pratapgarh (U.P.) 230135
Telephone: 05343-264412, 264500
Telefax: 05343 264412
E-mail: :,

Registration : : Registered in 1993 under Society Registration Act 21, 1860

F.C.R.A. : : Registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976

Income Tax Registration : Registered under 12Aa of Income Tax Act 1961

Key Contact Person : Mohd. Nasim Ansari “Director” (M.A; B.Ed.)
Mobile No.: 9415230412
Area of Operation :
(a) District : Pratapgarh, Jaunpur & Allahabad
(b) Block : Patti, Maharajganj & Mau Aima

(c) Villages : 68

Major area of intervention:
Poverty Alleviation Programme.
(b) Mother and Child Health Programme.
(c) Strengthening of Local Self Governance.
(d) Environmental Education & Sustainable Agriculture Development.
(e) Female feticide & birth registration through KOPAL Programme
(f) Women health & livelihood through SPACE Project.
(g) Gram Swarajya Strengthen Programme.
(h) Education and health right for children.
(i) Awareness Programme Against women violence and HIV/Aids.
(j) Public Library and Literacy Programme through RRRBL & Z.S.S..

Staff Position:
(a) Full time
: Male – 10 + Female –07 = Total -17
(b) Part time : Male – 11 + Female –08 = Total -19

Financial Status :-
(a) 2005-06 - Rs. 1065075.00
(b) 2006-07 - Rs. 1454248.00
(c) 2007-08 - Rs. 1247920.00

Existing Infrastructure/ Assets :- Rs. 809737.11 (As on 31 March 2008)

Background & Emergence:-
Tarun Chetna Sansthan is a voluntary development organization established in 1993 with the prime objective of upliftment of poorest communities especially the marginalized women & child in the Pratapgarh, Jaunpur & Allahabad district in U.P. Pratapgarh is one of the poorest district area of 100 districts in India identify by planning commission of India Government.
Tarun Chetna was formed by a group of youths who were strongly influenced by the principles of Mahatma Gandhi who believed in equality and social justice. Founder of Tarun Chetna Mr. Mohd. Nasim Ansari is very spiritual from childhood had a passion for social work. So he remained in the village even through he had chance to go out of his village.
He believed that social change could only be possible with the change in the lives of poor and marginalized people. The mobilization of the poor and socially disadvantage people who could gain access, influence decision and use the available resource effectively increase their status were envisaged during the initiation of Tarun Chetna.Two of his freedom fighter friend also influenced him to initiate a process of development where people have access to better health and education, where people have communal harmony.

Institutional aims:
To promote the national integration & communal harmony in society..
To improved the social, cultural and scientific awareness in soceity.
To promote and working of national & social development program related health, education, agriculture, women empowerment, child development etc.
To help & aware the poorest & B.P.L. families, so that they could rise on the occasion to live holistic life.
To make a environment for total development of children and provide each children opportunity to live holistic life..
To promote & develop, dissemination self-reliance and appropriate rural technology.
To empower community to sustain project activities in a systematic manner, where they would participate a process of rural development.
To decrease social peculiar like dowry, drug edits superstition etc.
To promote publishing undertaking of library, education center, & IEC materials and research works.
To promote cottage & villages industry, agro industry etc.
To organize training, meeting and seminar & all possible activities for rural development.
The vision of the organization is derived from Sanskrit slogan which means“ A society free from exploitation where peoples have access to better health and education and having a good quality of life.
In order to achieve the vision of organization has undertaken the following mission “To organize different communities and empower them, So that they became independent and self reliant and they live a holistic life for actual establishment of Gram Swarajya”.
Strategy: -
v Nature of intervention: Directly involve with the community through better rapport building, awareness, people education, training and organizing the community.
v Relationship: The relationship with the community as a educator and facilitator. Facilitating different backward communities and women groups to take care.
v Target Group: Consist to women & children of poorest family in dalit , Muslim and backward community.
Our Alliance:-
ü SATHI -Utter Pradesh √ PANI - Faizabad
ü UPVAN -Lucknow √ SSK - Luckno
ü UPVHA -Lucknow √ AWARD -New Delhi
ü WPC-New Delhi √ SDF -New Delhi
ü CEVA -Ghaziabad √ FPAI -Lucknow
ü Vatsalya- Lucknow √ MASVAW -Lucknow
ü B.S. Ashram-Sonbhadra √ Zila Saksharta Sammittee Pratapgarh

Ø Well-established office complex with water & electric facilities.
Ø Two Computers and 2 Typewriters with Phone & Fax facility.
Ø 05 Almirah & 07 Book case, 20 chairs & 04 Big Tables.
Ø Two Motorcycles & 06 Bicycles.
Ø Hostel & Training Hall with well established Library.

For reach at the organization:
A : (1) Pratapgarh to Patti – 25 K.M. (By Bus/Jeep from Bhairopur & Roadways)
(2) Patti to Prithviganj Bazar 09 K.M. (By Bus/Jeep from Raipur road)
B : Chanda or Dhakhwa to Prithviganj Bazar via Patti 34 Bus.
(From Lucknow- Sultanpur-Varansi road)
C : Jaunpur to Prithviganj Bazar via Badlapur-Mahrajganj-Bandhwa Bazar
(By Bus from Badlapur Pandav in Jounpur)